This morning I saw such a perfect illustration on Instagram that I thought I’d share it (below). I don’t have the illustrators name to hand but found it via Jolene Hart.

I simply wrote:

Saw this via @jolenehart earlier and thought it was very sweet. Mothers Day (American and otherwise) can be a highly triggering time for a lot of couples who are yearning to be parents (and of course parents and children who have experienced loss or strained relationships). Social media has a habit of being a place that hits you with mixed feelings, there’s support from those who understand and/or love you, and immense, raw sadness when you’re constantly bombarded with smug mum club posts…. be kind, always. šŸŒ¼

After speaking to a lady I know from my bootcamp the other day (who I find really inspiring) I thought I’d be more open. 

I hadn’t realised that due to her previous cancer treatment, she is unable to carry. She said how she’d tried IVF and surrogacy and so far none had worked out, but stays positive.

I guess if you are more open (absolutely on your own terms of course!) you’re less likely to get hurt by misunderstandings, like when I was at the salon and a lady asked when was I planning a baby.

Anyway, so I thought I’d share as it really spoke to me and I thought it was a lovely way to channel those triggers on such a day and perhaps even cheer up someone feeling like me.

I received a message friend basically calling me out for making her feel bad! She is of course a mum who fell pregnant without trying, a year after their wedding – which is beautiful. But I was very surprised as I definitely wasn’t intending to make anyone feel uncomfortable. 

I was also a bit disappointed, all I wanted to do was bring something we (in our sad little circle) find taboo to discuss to the table. Hopefully my little post could bring comfort or understanding to someone.

It’s a very isolating and sad time. On one hand your journey is very private and personal, and on the other it’s very lonely.


4 thoughts on “ConfrontedĀ 

  1. The image isn’t displaying? I couldn’t see it. This is what I would say to your “friend”: “Oh for fukks sake, smug mum friend, stop making it about about you. Your friend is brave enough to open up and express thoughts on a topic very near and dear to her heart and she’s experiencing and enduring something very traumatic. And you dismissed your friend by making it about you (smug mum) and your ego.” I’m up to here with the smug moms. Separately, I read an article six months ago about a woman who had cancer in her mid 30s. She was in temporary menopause due to the medication. She overcame the cancer and became pregnant naturally. Anything is possible.

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