About me

I’m going to remain anonymous. This is a very personal process and I don’t really open up about it much in real life, so it’s really an outlet for me. But what can I tell you without telling you who I am?

Born in 1988
Met my husband in 2007
Married in 2014
Started trying for a baby in 2015
Started fertility tests/treatments in 2016
Started blogging about it in 2017

I always knew I wanted children. I never had in mind whether it’d be boys, girls, both, one, two, more… whatever! I have just always enjoyed taking care of people and animals. Whether I’m listening to problems, feeding someone til they explode or scratching the tummies of┬árandom cats and dogs in the street.

This blog is my outlet. It’s my way of getting out how I’m feeling. I’m not sure if anyone will read it, whether it’ll be interesting or absolute crap, but I’m giving it a go.