😒 another month, no joy

It’s my birthday next week, which as a whole is something to look forward to but is also a reminder of being another year older and another year of not being parents. I had always assumed I’d get pregnant straight away and have a hoard of kids before I was 30. It’s a year and […]

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Bad days

Probably the hardest part about trying to conceive and knowing there’s a problem is the lack of knowing. When will it happen? And then there’s all these questions: Will it happen? Will this be my last birthday as a non-parent? Will we ever be biological parents? On top of that, there’s the guilt. The guilt […]

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Making a blog

Welcome to my blog about my journey through the highs, lows, tears and tests of trying for a baby.

I won’t be using any of the stupid jargon you find on forums that you need to google. This is a raw account of what I’ve been going through and how I’m dealing with it.

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