Twiddling my thumbs 

I’m back to hospital next week, nearly 9 months since they removed the polyps they felt were affecting our chances at conceiving. My period is due on Monday.  It’s hard to think how positive my team were when I had my op and post op assessment. So much so, this appointment was a “just in […]

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I haven’t written for a few weeks as I’ve been trying not to think about it. We tried pre- seed on holiday and surprise surprise it didn’t work Just been for dinner with inlaws and pregnant sister in law and her boyfriend. So fed up. Not really sure how everyone else manages putting on the […]

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Ok you can stop now!

So in addition to the shock news of my sister in laws pregnancy, we just went for dinner with our best friends. They’re pregnant. I feel like I styled it out really well but obviously I’ve come home and I’m really sad. I think I’m happy for them but I feel a bit numb at […]

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Is this just a test..?

It’s been a funny day. Well not at all actually, it’s been crippling. My usual clockwork period was 4 days late. Of course I got my hopes up. Of course I did tests, every day. Begging the universe that it was just too early to pick up the hormones. I ended up getting my period […]

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This morning I saw such a perfect illustration on Instagram that I thought I’d share it (below). I don’t have the illustrators name to hand but found it via Jolene Hart. I simply wrote: Saw this via @jolenehart earlier and thought it was very sweet. Mothers Day (American and otherwise) can be a highly triggering […]

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